Maintenance & Operating Solutions

Manufacturer’s representatives offering engineered products and services to the power generation, process industries, OEMs and A&M Firms.

What We Do

We can enhance your outage by providing a number of integrated services.

Capital Equipment

Powertech offers capital equipment for the electric generation industry. We offer products such as: boiler heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s), feed water heaters, heat exchangers, dearators, industrial fans, stacks, emission control systems and cooling towers.

Flow Control Components and Instrumentation

Specialty valves, control valves and instrumentation to be used in conjunction with all capital equipment products and balance of plant operation.

Repair and Reconditioning Services

We offer services to repair and recondition all types of gate, globe, check, and control valves, as well as all safety, safety relief, relief valves and multiport relief valves.

Complete Outage and Aftermarket Support

Labor, engineering and consulting, and aftermarket support for extended outages. We also offer hole watch, fire watch and confined space extraction. OEM spare parts for all equipment in the power, industrial, institutional, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Reverse engineering available with client approval.

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Thermal Transfer/Movement Products and Services

Thermal transfer products such as, metal expansion joints, rubber expansion joints, non metallic flue gas joints, ball joints and struts and snubbers for all types of thermal and seismic movements.

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CG Powertech Inc.

Over 29 Years of Industry Experience

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