Zero Leakage, rotary tight shutoff valves, from 3″ to 144″; pressure class from ANSI 150 up to ANSI 2500; steam turbine check valves auto-matic ;pump check & control valves.

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Severe Service metal seated ball valves for the toughest applications in power plants, refineries, chemical plants, and paper mills. Available in ½” to 36”, 150 to 4500 class, with unidirectional or bidirectional shutoff. Optimized ball and seat geometry and Omni-lap 360 assure tight shutoff and maximize valve life.


Gestra offers a comprehensive portfolio of steam related products from boiler controls and blowdown valves to steam traps and condensate return pumps. Special equipment and vessels for heat recovery.






Non metallic expansion joints, teflon viton, EPDM & other specialty types. Molded & teflon lined wide arch expansion joints; single & multiple arch expansion joints, versatile hand-built construction; reducer type expansion joints; lightweight, high pressure, high temperature & dismantling expansion joints, completely versatile hand-built construction; no arch pipes & fittings; spherical connectors; molded teflon® expansion joints, sleeve type (slip-on) expansion joints, control units & accessories, duct type & composite belt expansion joints.



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Dual plate check valves and non-lubricated plug valves. Goodwin check valves are available in 5 basic body styles: wafer, flanged, solid lug, buttweld end, hub end, and in an extensive range of sizes, pressure classes and materials.

Its principal features are those of it being retainer less as standard, i.e. no body plugs, and its patented “slim” plate design giving improved flow efficiencies and superior metal-to-metal seating shut-off.


Metal ring joint connectors, and clamp connectors.



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Expansion joints of all types: laminated bellows, low pressure round and rectangular, externally pressurized, braided pump connectors, packed expansion joints, formed metal bellows, expansion compensators, and alignment guides. Metal bellows and hose assemblies for OEM applications, military specifications, and scientific projects as well as others. Hyspan is the manufacturer of service parts for anamet/anaconda metal hose, flexible metal hose as well as our own products.


Valves for combustion turbines & fuel oil shutdown systems, on/off valves, OEM replacement parts & valves for gas turbines. UL, FM listed valves. Deluge valves for fire systems.




Design and manufacturing valves for the power generation, industrial, marine and oil and gas markets for over a century. From high quality regulators with 99% accuracy to severe service control valves that provide zero leakage, Leslie controls products are known throughout the world. Products include steam conditioning valves, desuperheater valves, control valves, instrumentation, pressure and temperature regulators, steam water heaters, remanufacturing and repair services. 2-way, 3-way, pneumatically and manual self actuated.


Specializing in electrically actuated control valves, bellows seal valves, that fail closed. Level control devices, process controls, and complete building management systems.




Schroedahl: Pump Protection Valves. (Automatic Recirculation Valves) Protecting pumps against overheating, cavitation and destruction. Sizes in 1-12 Inch and greater, and Pressure class 150-2500# Dependable, Low maintenance, easy to install, self contained, require no electric or input signals to operate. Self sufficient solution to pump protection.       The SCHROEDAHL- pump protection- and control valves are combinable with various types of pumps: Crude oil pumps, extraction and transport Pumps for liquid-gas, liquid-gas fuel, benzine, liquid ammoniac Pumps for liquid process; material Booster- or auxiliary-pumps. Seawater-Injection pumps. Fire fighting pumps.

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